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PT. Prima Conveyor Indo Sentosa

Mesin Penghalus Tanah
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Specification of Mesin Penghalus Tanah

PT.PRIMA CONVEYOR INDO SENTOSA is a National Private Company that has competence in the field of procurement of goods and services related to the needs of Conveyor, Component Conveyor System, Rubber Part for industrial purposes.

PT.PRIMA CONVEYOR INDO SENTOSA was established in 2017 in Pati Central Java, originally a company engaged in the procurement of Goods and Services Conveyor Systems, which includes the procurement of Rubber Belt Conveyor, PVC / PU belt Conveyor, Roller Conveyor, Services Connection and Installation Belt Conveyor , Rubber Lagging, Etc.

PT.PRIMA CONVEYOR INDO SENTOSA always improve its performance, by giving maximal service to every customer. In order to provide convenience and maximal service to the customer, PT.PRIMA CONVEYOR INDO SENTOSA always complement the product with more complete the goods of Conveyor Systems, especially Belt Conveyor for Mining, which has been our customer.

PT.PRIMA CONVEYOR INDO SENTOSA serves the order of goods and services to all parts of Indonesia. Stock enough goods and fast delivery, quality goods, and a very competative price is part of our service.

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